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Updated Filter Instructions

posted Apr 6, 2016, 6:17 AM by Michael Steinberg   [ updated Aug 26, 2016, 8:55 AM ]
• Are you having trouble signing in or requesting certain sites to be unblocked?

• Are you getting broken or blank pages leaving you unable to sign in or send a request?

• Do you need to request a site to be unblocked for students?

• Are you looking to have a less restrictive filter profile on a personal device?

Now that we have been using the new web filter for two weeks, we want to provide some additional methods for accessing sites.

If you are on a Mac or a personal device (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc) and you want to receive a less-restrictive profile, you can visit  The site provides easy access for logging in.  The site also provides an alternative method for requesting sites be unblocked when not receiving the blue "Submit site for review page."  Please note that logging in with this method will timeout after 120 minutes. After your session has expired, you will have to revisit

For further questions on authenticating, please see the guide below:

How To: Sign in as a Teacher Using Lightspeed's Web Filter

How To: Submit a Site for Review with Lightspeed Web Filter