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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

posted Nov 25, 2014, 9:58 AM by Michael Steinberg   [ updated Jan 6, 2015, 11:36 AM ]

A modifier key is a part of many keyboard shortcuts. A modifier key alters the way other keystrokes or mouse/trackpad clicks are interpreted by OS X. Modifier keys include: Command, Shift, Option, Control, Caps Lock, and the fn key. These keys are represented by special symbols when you see them in menus and other parts of OS X:

Command key
Control key
Option key
Shift Key
Caps Lock
fnFunction Key

Cut FileCommand-X
Copy FileCommand-C
Paste FileCommand-V
Spotlight SearchCommand-Spacebar
Open Selected Item or FileCommand-O
Save File (Application)Command-S
Quit (Application)Command-Q
Minimize WindowCommand-M
Minimize All WindowsOption-Command-M
Close WindowCommand-W
Close All WindowsOption-Command-W
New Finder WindowOption-Command-N
Change Finder ViewsCommand-1, Command-2, Command-3, Command-4
New FolderShift-Command-N
New Smart FolderOption-Command-N
Rename Folder/FileSelect Folder-Press Return or Enter
Select AllCommand-A
Deselect AllOption-Command-A
Open QuicklookSelect File Then Tap Spacebar
Zoom In/Out (Quicklook)Command-Plus Symbol (+) or Command-Minus Symbol (-)
Move File to Another LocationCommand-Drag File
Copy File to Another LocationOption-Drag File
Send File to TrashCommand-Delete
Empty TrashCommand-Shift-Delete
Switch Open ApplicationsCommand-Tab (Forward)  Shift-Command-Tab (Backward)
Open HelpCommand-Shift-?