Boomerang for Gmail

Post date: Nov 04, 2015 7:38:9 PM

Have you ever wanted to schedule an email to send out at a later time? Boomerang for Gmail let's you do just that! You can compose an email now and schedule it to send at a later time. This is great when you know you'll be out of school but still want to send your students a Drive link to a quiz or a handout!

You can also have Boomerang re-send an email to you the day before an event. Have a PD conference to go to in a month and you don't want to print your ticket until the week of? No problem! Have Boomerang re-send you the admission ticket email the day before the event and you can be assured that you won't forget it!

To add Boomerang to your Gmail, go to and click the button that says Add this to your Gmail! The next time you compose an email, you'll notice a new Send later button at the bottom of your Gmail window. To have an email re-sent to you at a specific time & date, open the email and click on the Boomerang icon at the top of screen.