Post date: Nov 04, 2015 7:55:18 PM

Nearpod lets you show a presentation to your students while pausing to do checks for understanding. You can design slideshows that provide information and will take breaks to have the students take a poll, answer quiz questions, or circle a picture/diagram that best illustrates the concepts being discussed. Best of all, Nearpod allows for each student to participate using their own individual device, such as an iOS phone/tablet, Android phone/tablet, or a Chromebook. Nearpod will make sure every screen stays on the slide that the teacher has selected, so students will be prevented from going ahead or falling behind.

To use Nearpod, start designing your presentations at (you can use the Sign in with Google feature if you want to use your account). Once you are done, download the app on the students' devices (Apple App Store link here, Google Play Store link here) and type in the presentation code on each device (you can have the students do this depending on the age group). Once they're connected, you are ready to use Nearpod!

Remember, you can use the BHBL App Request Form to have apps automatically pushed out to BHBL-owned devices.